Scaleway: from an API IasS to a shell



After some Docker tribulations I needed to get full Centos VPS available (with public IP) in few minutes deployment to expose a DevOps/SysOps model.
Even if I was able to do that in the Docker way, I start to search a provider with a Http API and I came out with Scaleway, the new comer of Online.net from the ISP Free (Illiad). 

I found a usefull documentation ( API manual ) and also a python project on Github ( Scaleway Python SDK ) . Unfortunally the python project was not really what I expected, it doesn't allow server creation and was pretty poor in term of functionnalities.

As I'm currently learning the python language, I decided to wrote a short class in order to handle my needs and finally a whole custom command interface was made. I was really exciting to use python and I discover some great advantages ( the Cmd class, the dict parsing, ...).
Even if I'm not confortable at this moment with the 'self' concept, the code is working.

Don't hesitate to test it, use it, and also submit issues when you find them :)
Github: ckd-scaleway